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We had nice weather – first day since a while. So I decided to leave office earlier than normal and to work a little in garden, which was a perfect decision! I finallizen der framework of my pond, cutted the liner and put some rocks as a frame around the pond.


Today I started the mass production of Jigstones. I call it now “concrete Lego”  . The rapid cement drys within 30 minutes. So the forms run “hot”. I bought about 15kg of that cement today in the hardware store. So my workbench is getting full of stones…

As soon as they all dryed up complete, I’ll start constructing the ramp for the bridge.

mass production


I did some testing the past few days. First idea was to use rapid concrete,but it did not got a satisfying result. So I was researching the internet and ended up in using rapid cement.It is more expensive, but is must faster to harden and has much better details.


My jigstones set arrived yesterday. Today I bought some concrete and filled the forms up. I’m curious how this will work out.

I was thinking quite a long time, how to build realistic and cheap walls and bridges, that are able to stay outside all year long.

More to come…


Today I temporarely laid the first rails for this year and marked it with some sticks in the ground. As soon as I receive the metal plates for separating dirt from gravel, I will start building the base for screwing them on top. It will get a huge curve to the waterfall right behind the joint to the station. Asyou may see on the pictures, it’ll look pretty nice.

Down below the lighthouse I want to install the central point for the supply power. All wires will joint together there.


The orignal garden railway houses from PIKO and POLA are too expensive in my perspective and look too plastic. So I was collecting some bird feeder huts during wintertime. The cost was 15€ each. The scale is almost fitting. So I got my little village done. Just the station with its plattform is missing. The parts and pieces for the platform are already in the basement and ready to get build.


Last week I recreated the waterfall feature. It is build out of rocks and looks very natural. The pump is pulling round about 4m³/h (1000gal/h) from the water resorvour. The result is a nice sound of plashing water. Later on I want to add a bridge for my railway over the waterfall coming from the station. In front of the pond, the tracks will be placed from the lower level.