Another nice saturday – so time to proceed to work in the garden. So I build the basement for further tracks and installed the thrid joint of the station. That was a little tricky, because I had to lengthen the tracks to fit. Anyway – I got it done 🙂

As you may know from some previous posts, I install some entry points for the power supply every 2 to 3 meters (6 to 9 feet). Inbetween the entry points I have put a tube into the gravel, that is usually used for electrical installations. I try to keep it straight. So it’s getting a nobrainer to push the cables in after the entry points are fixed.


Received again some metal plates to seperate gravel from dirt. So I knocked them vertical into the dirt, shaveled out the earth in between, put a liner below and put the first layer of gravel above.

I temporarlely layed the joint above in order to see, if the markers are placed in the right position.

It still looks like a huge construction set, but as soon as the tracks are layed and some plants are set, it will look awesome. At least in my mind already…


We had nice weather – first day since a while. So I decided to leave office earlier than normal and to work a little in garden, which was a perfect decision! I finallizen der framework of my pond, cutted the liner and put some rocks as a frame around the pond.


Today I started the mass production of Jigstones. I call it now “concrete Lego”  . The rapid cement drys within 30 minutes. So the forms run “hot”. I bought about 15kg of that cement today in the hardware store. So my workbench is getting full of stones…

As soon as they all dryed up complete, I’ll start constructing the ramp for the bridge.

mass production


I did some testing the past few days. First idea was to use rapid concrete,but it did not got a satisfying result. So I was researching the internet and ended up in using rapid cement.It is more expensive, but is must faster to harden and has much better details.


My jigstones set arrived yesterday. Today I bought some concrete and filled the forms up. I’m curious how this will work out.

I was thinking quite a long time, how to build realistic and cheap walls and bridges, that are able to stay outside all year long.

More to come…

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