Building a cleaning waggon

Rails get dirty by time – especially if they are outdoors all year long. It doesnt matter, if you are running dead rail (battery powered), but just in case you power your locolotives by using the rails, they have to get cleaned very often. Otherwise you will contact issues very soon. The LGB clean engine is way too expensive in my opinion. So what’s the solution?
Well – I shot a used Playmobil waggon on ebay for 30€, went to the local hardware store and bought a spone and a polishing felt for another few Euros. I used the sponge as plume between the cleaning pad and the waggon. It is mounted to the waggon by using two screws. The felt is fixed by four small cable strabs and now can exchanged pretty easy. The only thing I had to add are little weights into the waggon, that the felt get little pressure to the rails.

It’s working pretty well for just 40Euros.

If you want to rebuild it, please make sure, that the polishing felt doesnt contain any metal. You might get a short-circuit!

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