waterfall feature

Springtime has come! Good time to proceed in the garden!
First water feature build at the edge of the garden. The blank earth is still showing through, but it is just a matter of days, until I will get it looking better….
In addition, I installed some power plugs to control the lighthouse and the pump using a Raspberry Pi. This one os mounted in the garage and setup as a webserver. It is caluculating the sunrise and sunset everday and will turn on the lighthouse at sunset and shut it off again at 11pm. But that was another project….

Tempoarly track laying

Some tempoaraly track laying in front of the upcoming waterfall feature. That was a hard work with cutting and setting stones exact vertically in to the edge of the backyard. I got fixed in concrete.
Just for this photograph, I added the lighthouse to it, we bought during the summer holidays in a town close to the german northsea coast.

rail planning software

Fall has come and the time for gardening ends up. Now it is a good moment to start the planning in the warm and dry living room. I tested some railway planning software, but I stopped researching at “AnyRail” – a product from the netherlands.


It has several advantages:
– it is payable
– it contains the G-scale tracks I need by default
– it is easy to use
– a license contains software updates up thru the next major release.


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