It’s quite long time ago since I did something in my garden railway project. Last year no trains were running due to other projects. Anyway – I experimented in programming Arduino using the “Wemos D1 mini” devoloper board having an WIFI uC ESP8266 on. Now I started learning KiCAD, which is nice and opensource BCD designing application. So I developed a new PCB board containing a 3.6 amps DC motor driver and four reed relais to switch lights and smoke generators.

As mentioned in previous posts, I let run the uC as a mobile webserver. While connecting this uC using an ordinary webbrowser, the user is able to control the motor and switch the lights, smoke generator or other external devices.

That’s the very first time I developed a double layered PCD board in my life and ordered it at in china. I’m really curious to see the results. I’m also a bit excited when soldering the SMD parts on this board. I hope this all will work well.

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