Another saturday, but this time I havetime left and the weather is dry and not too hot. So a perfect day to proceed working on the garden railway.

Anonther 4 meter (12 feet) of track laying are done and the bridge is getting connected. First task was filling the gravel and laying doen the concrete bricks as base for the tracks. Then installing the tracks by drilling holes into the concrete bricks and screwing the tracking to it. Finally filling the tracks with gravel.

I also did some wiring. As you may remember from previous posts, I install power supplies every 2-3 meters (6 to 9 feet). I also finally connected the tracks to the transformator, which delivers permanently the tracks with 18 volts AC. This transformator can get turn on and off by a Raspberry Pi, which is installed in the garage. But this is a different story.

The last days I developed another board to control the rail joints. The old board uses just diods to the a positive or negative voltage to switch the joints. So it is delivering only every second half wave at its output. The new board is having a bridge rectifier. So it produces both halfwaves to switch the joint – the power is doubled with this new board. I connected it to my WIFI relay board and tested it. The difference is pretty awesome! The joints are now switched without any issues.

Finally I have some hours left to enjoy todays work. So I made some pictures with steam loco Stainz and the christmas train 😉

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