build Bluerail board into LGB stainz

Today I build the BlueRail receiver into successfully into the LGB Stainz locomotive. Because I decided to put 18 VAC on the tracks, I had to build a bridge rectifier and a 15VDC voltage regulator (7815) into the locomotive as well. To smooth the DC voltage and solve issues with the power supply due to soiled rails (connection issues), I also added a huge capacitor (4700µF / 63V). I also exchanged the micro light bulbs by LED’s, which also can be turned on and off seperately by the “BlueRail” app.

So what should I say? It is running really smooth and the control by smartphone over BlueTooth is a pleasure. I’m really satisfied with the result!

The only thing I have to discover is, how to control the smoke generator. Maybe I’m going to use a small print relais. The only limit is, that the board is supporting 12V/20mA. But this will be the next challange….

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