Well – I wanted to use the time for doing some progress in the garden and started with organizing new material, e.g. rocks, gravel, concrete, plates, etc. But then the weather did not allow me to do that. It was raining for almost 8 days… But finally it stopped raining and I used that chance to proceed.

In the meanwhile and I started to build the powersupply and the control of the rail joints. Yes – I ordered an Tx27 kit and an Rx105 receiver from DelTang. I started making some experiences with receiver and transmitter and have to confess, that the idea is pretty nice, but the hardware is really delicate. So I broke the first receiver while connecting them to the relais board. I had to re-order one in the UK and planned to add a ULN2803-A driver chip between the receiver outputs and the relais boards.

I wonder, if this DelTang solution is the right solution to control the trains in future…. I have some contrains to be honest….

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