The railway joints are getting controlled over WIFI. I created a website on my Raspberry Pi and that’s working fine for quite a while. But I’m notereally satisfied switching the webbrowser and the BlueRail app on my mobile for controlling the loco and turing a joint. So I started to build a WIFI remote controller for the railway joints.

First problem is, that a ESP8266-12 on has about 10 working GPIO’s, which is sufficiant to control 5 railway joints. Not that much – that’s what I think. I had a CD74HC4067 16-channelmultiplexer breakout board left in my basement. So this requires a little more programming efforts, but it is expandable. So you only need 5 GPIO’s to control 8 joints, 6 GPIO’s for 16 joints and so on.

It took me 2 evenings to solder the wiring and 3 further evenings to implement the Ardunio code for the nodeMCU. Next step will be buying a nice box and put everything in. The bis advantage of the nodeMCU is, that I’m easily able to use a USB powerpack for the power supply.

Maybe I’m going to use an additional GPIO with a blue LED to show a flag, if the ESP8266 is connected to the WIFI….

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